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Specialized Allez or Trek 1.1

matt108matt108 Posts: 135
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Hiya guys,

Went to my local evans to buy my first ever road bike.
They had two on offer Specialized Allez 16 2010 and Trek 1.1 Compact 2010.
I have ordered both to the shop in my size to have a test ride on them both, but was wandering what you guys think, which one would you go for, out of the two?




  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    It's going to be a bit like asking whether a Focus is better than an Astra
    - someone who likes Fords will tell you the Focus is best, someone who likes Vauxhall will tell you it's the Astra
    - whereas in fact both are fine A to B budget hatchbacks, neither is a Ferrari but neither is a Lada either...

    To be honest, not a lot between them
    Testtride both and buy the one you prefer the feel of, prefer the image of Spesh or Trek, or even simply prefer the colour !
  • I was looking recently at the Trek 1 series as an option for commuting in the winter. The thing that made it appealing was it had fixings for panniers and reasonable clearance for mudguards. The new Allez bikes didn't have the rear pannier fittings.
    This might not make any diference to you and as said above - whichever you prefer :)
  • Trek 1.1 pretty low spec, the 1.2 is a better bet (at more money) but it has a carbon fork instead of the alloy fork on the 1.1 Also latest type Sora 9 speed shifters, Tiagra rear mech, oversize `bars and stem etc. I looked at both, then bought the 1.2 which looked to be worth the extra money. The Allez is pretty similar to ride IMO, I`ve not checked the spec of the latest one you`re looking at as it wasn`t available to me, that`s why I got the Trek (reason being I`m out in Oz on hols and bought a new bike over here, local shops didn`t have any Spesh bikes) but if it``s the Allez 16 then it`s obviously 8 speed and will be using the older type of Sora shiters etc.

    I`d spend the extra on the Trek 1.2, for the money it`s a great looking bike in the pearl white and blue, it rides very well. I`m pleased with mine anyway, and my bro-in-law over here liked it enough to go and buy one as soon as he saw mine :) The guy at the LBS was well chuffed with the afternoons sale :)
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