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riser or flats?

sheepshiftersheepshifter Posts: 115
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What bars do i buy im looking at carbon bars 31.8,my style of riding is xc but quite aggressive.Stem has enough height on some climbs front end bobs up now and then would i benifit with flats.
PACE RC325.5 1x9



  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Flats are generally narrower, will offer more control and a better position on climbs, helping to keep the front end down. Risers will offer more control at speed and whilst descending.

    You will likely be able to replicate the position by flipping stems and moving spacers, and there's so many variations on width/rise/sweep it's not really that clear cut. A low rise riser bar will probably offer the most agreeable all round position. If your front wheel wanders on climbs drop your elbows and shuffle forward on the saddle.
  • Being old skool (bought my first mtb in 1984) I always used to go with flats as it was what I knew, I've moved up to riser bars and I'm loving the extra control no I've worked out how to set the bike up.

    Running Raceface Duce XC's and have kept the standard width, love it.
    This is why!
  • Dave_P1Dave_P1 Posts: 565
    I've been using riser bars for years and I don't think I could ever go back to a flat bar. I've ridden a few bikes with flat bars now and they just feel odd.
    Riser bars always get my vote, nothing to extreme for XC riding mind you.
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