shoe and pedal combos

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My current (read very old and finally failing) shoes are Shimanio 110 mtb shoes and have been used in conjuction with m520 double-sided spd pedals. The shoes are rapidly falling apart and I'm interested to know what other folk use when riding fixed.

I prefer double-sided pedals as they are easier to get into and I've found that mtb shoes with their rubber soles allow for grip when the first attempt at clicking in is unsuccessful, usually at the traffic lights on the hill. The road shoes I had were awkward in use with spds, hard to find the pedal and no grip if clicking in wasn't immediate.

What do others use? Road shoes and pedals or a combination of road shoe/mtb pedal etc.?


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    Maybe I should have thought about asking a question on this instead of just going my own way!

    I've studied prices and looked at websites for hours and have ended up with Shimano 5700 pedals and Specialized BG Elite road shoes. To date I've only done a quick run around the block and had several goes at clipping and unclipping. It's probably a less practical setup than the one you describe, but hopefully it will work well on the open road. I've only ever had toeclips before so a bit of a jump into the unknown.

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    on my fixie, i have a set of outland look replica road pedals, purely because thats what i've got on my other bikes (all road) and don't want to have to buy new shoes or change the cleats every time. the shoes are specialized road ones, but i forget what model.
    these pedals are only one sided, but if you've got one foot clipped in, i find you can move yourself along slowly enough to get the other pedal turned over and clipped into, without falling over. they're also really solid when you're in, which i like :)
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