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Mobile bicycle mechanics

gooiestangooiestan Posts: 12
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There seems to be more of these mobile repair sevices for bikes about. I was wondering if anyone has used one before and what they thought?

Does anyone prefer them to conventional repair shops?

Any thoughts apprieciated



  • I've used one a couple of months ago to tune my gears and the service was really good, I found a lot more personal (obviously as he came to my house and did the work in the garden). Price was comparable to the LBS as well, about £30 for tuning the front and rear mechs.

    As I dont currently have a car, I found it a lot easier than riding or taking public transport to the LBS as well.

    I have since sold my bike but a new build is starting soon and I will definately be using the mobile mechanic for anything I need instead of trekking parts to the LBS.

    Just make sure they have the relevant qualifications, a lot of the ones I found had websites showing their experience etc and they guy I used was really knowledgable.

    Hope that helps? :)
  • There are now well over a 100 qualified mobile bicycle mechanics. You can see them listed on Network of mobile bicycle mechanics business directory.
    Mobile Bicycle Mechanics Specialist
  • I did a 50KM event once and The Purple Bike Shed had a mobile mechanic on hand
    I helped the guy fix a flat, or I helped a rider with a flat as the poor guy from the PBS had his hands full
    He did an ace job of sorting someone's mangled rear derailleur
  • 964rh964rh Posts: 72
    Used a local bloke the other week to fit a new headset and although he does mobile work, he will collect, sort and drop off FOC.

    Lot less hassle than going to my local LBS and his work and ethics were spot on.
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