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Death Wish?

spongtasticspongtastic Posts: 3,131
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4 complete censored wads decided to completely ignore the fact that the knarly set of stairs and footpath they were riding down ended on one of Ipswich's busiest streets. The car in front hit one and narrowly missed the rest, they had no lights, no helmets and no pads.

The police and ambulance turned up, all four were balling their eyes out, and their only defence was that MBUK ran a story on riding steps so they thought it was ok. So how long before Claims r Us turn up at Future Publishing waving a court summons? :lol:
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  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,959
    i watched a kid jump over a railing infront a bike yesterday, the guy on the cycle path could see what he was about to do and was shouting but he just kept coming. how he didnt knock him over and inpale him on his handlebars was nothing short of a mirricale, then the kid was like "what" :roll:
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