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Specialized Allez - rack and guards

SmellTheGloveSmellTheGlove Posts: 715
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Hi all
I hear that RaceBlades would likely be a likely choice for the Allez (most basic version). Can anyone recommend these or another type for easy fitting and everyday reliability on a commuter?
Likewise a rack for a small bag, preferably a rack that will come off fairly easily for the odd sportive ride?
Thanks all round
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  • Crud Roadracers won't fit Mrs Meanie's Langster, even after much fettlage. So we opted for RaceBlades - all good so far, but they do chatter over bumps and might mark your rear brake (Mrs Meanie's empty seat-stay bridge has a cute bolt in it to stop them marking up the bridge :) )
    She also uses a Topeak Dynapak DX, seat post mounted bag/rack combo, which looks silly, but works and again has survived 6 months' commuting so far
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  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    Some models of Allez have the threaded eyelets. If you have them, use them. Narrow SKS chromoplastic are far superior to the add-on versions using velcro/clamps/rubber bands.
    Any std bolt-on alu luggage rack will work. I have a cheap clone of a Blackburn and it works as well as the real thing.
    If you use rear lamps, the back of the rack is an ideal position. Many now have lamp brackets.
    With racks, I tend to leave them in place all the time. If you need to remove them for special events thats OK but regular unbolting will wear out the soft threads on the Alu bike frame.
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