Has anyone ever baked their Shimano R220s?

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Ok, like a lot of people I bought a cheap pair of these really great shoes on super sale. Why? They're stiff and look good but the whole oven thing never took off properly since for some reason retailers didn't: a) invest in the oven, b) invest in staff training to fit the shoes to a customer's foot, or c) take the time with their customer to run through the heating process. Whatever happened, the end to end fitting process never lived up to Shimano's intent.

As a result, I have shoes that fit really well overall APART from the heel cup which doesn't grip as well as my old S-Works. The process I hear is simple:

1) heat oven to 90C
2) place shoe (sans cleats and insole) one at a time in the oven for 2 minutes
3) take out hot shoe, quickly put in insole and put on your foot then hold the heel cup with your hand and appply tons of pressure for as long as you can. (not sure how long it takes for the stuff to set)
4) repeat with the other shoe

Is this basically it? Has anyone been through it or done it yourselves?

Thanks in advance.
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    looked into it when I got mine last year and your process appears to be the same as what I found out. I think it said just wear them for 30 mins once heated and I had a feeling its the insole that is supposed to get heated up as well isnt it?

    edit: found this video of the proper process

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  • It's the vacuum fit that is the important bit - well that and not melting the shoes.
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    I got my R220's cheap from px last Xmas. & paid my lbs ( a shimano dealer ) a tenner to fit them. I was expecting the whole vacuum thing, but they said the only the heel cup on the 220 eas heat mouldable. They put them in the oven then the chap press fitted them to my foot with it inserted in the shoe when hot. Took about 10 - 20 min to do.
    If you want more info I can post when on a proper keyboard rather than iPhone.
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