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Shimano 105 Left Hand Lever

HondatedHondated Posts: 136
edited January 2011 in Road beginners
Has anyone ever replaced just the lever on the 105.Years ago I was experiencing a problem with moving through the chain rings ie hit and miss whether it would work and so rather than buy a new complete lever I managed to buy just the lever part.
I now seem to be getting a problem again and I was thinking about finally fitting it. I brought it that long ago that the Internet had not even been invented.
Looking at the lever it looks as though I just need to knock out a pivot pin but I am wandering how difficult it would be having done that to get the spring back in place.
Has anyone ever done this if you have your experiences of doing it would be welcomed.


  • Firstly 105 levers are notoriously bad in terms of longevity, so you are not alone. If you search the internet for 105 shifter failures you'll find many people having problems. 2 of mine broke, so I took my money to Campagnolo instead.

    Secondly, STI levers are very hard to repair, I think you find few people who have attempted to repair them, as they are generally just put in the bin when they break. At £200 a time, it becomes an expensive habit.

    I like shimano for MTB kit, but their STI's let down the road groups, so i doubt i'll buy from them again.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    You could fit a down tube shifter and a normal brake lever ? wad popular for weight saving in the mountain stages a few years back in the pro peleton ?
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