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Has anyone in the UK used these guys? if so what extra cost was incurred and are they good to deal with?




  • Used them but I was living in the states at the time (2003/04) and the £/$ was such that it was cheaper to buy locally.

    Question is, with the £/$ around 1.5 why would you source from the US? What do they have ('cept frames from a US company like Felt or Cervelo or US clothing like PI) that you can't beat in the UK?

    Just to chose 1 line - WTB saddles aren't the most high-zoot item yet they charge $180 for a Devo carbon - wow! The Silverado with Ti rails I got at Evans for £40 is $160. Holy jeez!

    They have great write ups, esp about frames and Vittoria Pave tyres but it reads to me like standard US bike snobbery really, rather than matter of fact like BR or C+.

    Up to you, just askin'...
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  • I've had some contact with them recently and there seems to be a few great deals on their site, especially their closeouts.

    Would be keen to hear if anyone else has experience of dealing with this retailer also!
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    You have to add VAT and customs to the price.
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    Add 8% duty and then 17.5% vat to your total consignment cost (i.e. incl. shipping) to work out your landed UK cost - Post Office will also add an £8 handling charge. Competitive Cyclist have been around for many years, so reputationally they're kosher. IME you have to be getting a deep discount on anything to justify the costs of importing.
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  • I bought from them (some stuff isn't/wasn't available in the UK). Phoned them first and spoke to them. They know their stuff. In my case I got stung by customs but it didn't really matter.

    They do a number of product videos on Youtube which are pretty good and an interesting blog sometimes.
  • I had some dealings with them in the summer over advice on setting up SRAM Red on a Cervelo R3. They were very helpful and even sent me a shim, free of charge, despite me not having bought anything from them and living in the UK.

    Have to say that I was very impressed by their general attitude and approach to customer service.
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