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dura ace 7800 shifter broken

5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 401
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Any one stripped these down? Is it easy and are there any guides out there. Left hand shifter doesn't any more :cry:


  • What's wrong with it? Best to describe the fault as it might be an easy fix.

    If it's not shifting from the small front cog to the large cog it could be cable stretch or cable has slipped on the FD. Could be dirty cables etc.
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  • 5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 401
    It's not doing anything, levers move but cables don't. All cables clean and tight
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Unfortunately, there's little one can do with the internals of STi's when they stop working except to take them apart and wonder why they're so darn complicated! SRAM and Campagnolo in comparison are serviceable
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  • I looked long and hard at servicing mine. Eventually decided to buy a used one on Ebay to replace it. Sold my damaged one and wasn't that much out of pocket. To attempt a repair is the work of a very brave man!
  • 5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 401
    Found some exploded diagrams. There doesn't seem to be much to them.. May delve into it. What can possibly go wrong :-D
  • This was in my bookmarks. I KNOW it's a Sora but it might give you some idea. They might even be DA repair manuals on that site.

    As has been said STi are usually thrown away if they have an internal fault. I had problems with my 105 LH lever.
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  • Usually the small metal "pawl" that locks the revolving "sprag" wheel that snaps, it`s made from sintered metal so it`s brittle. It`s the part that locks the mechanism into position and holds it there when you change to the big ring. When it snaps it no longer holds the position and so the it won`t change up. Not hard to strip and get at the offending part, if you`re used to working on small components and have the tools to do it, just small drivers and spanner really.

    Seems to be very hard / impossible to get spare parts for STI`s :(
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  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    try sending it back?
  • 5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 401
    kevin44 wrote:

    very interesting mate i will look into that.
  • Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone can find a solution to my problem. My left shifter seems to be loose. When i shift to the big ring and release, the main part connected to the name plate does not sit correctly with the hood when released. It is off centered. When i touch it, it seems to rock side to side and appears to be loose. I tried taking off the name plate and tightening the middle bolt but that did not work. Any clue? Any help is appreciated, Thanks! :?

    - Sean
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