Mavic Flash Jacket

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Anybody have one of these? I really like the look of them, but was wondering whether they are at all packable, and of a quality/breathability that makes them worth double something like a pocket rocket? Nowhere near me seems to stock them... and of course I've chucked the C+ with the review! :oops:


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  • willbevan
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    cant comment on the actual jacket, but mavic jackets as a whole.

    I have a mavic hydro jacket and inferno jacket.

    Both great bits of kit, with good added details such as longer cufs, side pockets on the breats, off centre zips etc.

    The quality is very good and you can get some decent deals on the mavic kit.

    to put it in perspective, I do have rapha and assos kit as well such as the airblock jacket. winter lls etc. I do actually choose to use the mavic kit over assos in certain circumstances, or mix and match (I love the mavic hydro tights for wet cold days...i dont find the assos winter.ll are as good in the wet, but then I will ride for 3-4 hours in the pouring rain:) )
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    Thanks for that Will. After doing the Forest of Dean Classic this year I can sympathise with your rain...

    Think I'll try the Flash from Chain Reaction; it's only return postage I guess!

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