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Boardman Team Carbon

niblueniblue Posts: 1,387
edited December 2010 in Your road bikes
Got my wife to get me this for Christmas when they were reduced to £899. It's only been on the turbo since but took it out for it's first spin earlier after fitting race guards today.

On my scales it was 17.5lbs out of the box and without pedals, and 20.8lbs as pictured with mudguards, pedals, pump, tools, spare tube, light etc.


  • Looks very nice, nice price. You must be waiting for the thaw.
  • Welcome to the club you'll love the team carbon. Good price too
    If you haven't already done so swap out the original brake pads for something better.
    Recommend Kool stop dual compound best change /upgrade you can start with!

    Have you the mk2 mudguards, how much room under the fork?
    I found the mk1s a little tight and always rubbing.

  • niblueniblue Posts: 1,387
    The mudguards are the Mk2 ones - they seemed fairly straightforward to fit and I didn't find there was any noticeable rubbing when I was out on the bike yesterday.

    Given the state of the roads at the moment I've no doubt I'll be needing new pads soon anyway. Braking is ok-ish with the standard set-up but I am thinking about upgrading them anyway.
  • :oops: Do yourself a favour , change the brake blocks ,the as fitted are useless & very hard on the rims I changed mine after coming downhill -blind bend- 4 dog walkers across the full width of the road, it was like the parting of red sea. I certainly couldn't stop in time, kool stop blocks sorted out the problem, use the original shoes & you'll be okay.
  • seanoconnseanoconn Posts: 8,197
    Lovely bike, enjoy. As said, the brake pads are pretty poor, kool stop or swisstop will stop you rather than slow down. The tyres aren't the best but mine lasted a while before i replaced them with some with more puncture protection.
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