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New to Road Bikes, advise on some bits to buy (Allez 16)

mattrixdesign2mattrixdesign2 Posts: 644
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I have been riding a MTB for years, but finally thought it time to get a racer (Allez 16 was at a great price in Evans!).

I am still waiting to collect the bike, but would like some advise on what to buy for it (Birthday coming up soon)...

Can you recommend the following:

*Decent mud guards - light, efficient cheap
*Cycle Computer - wireless, just really to measure distance and speed
*Pannier Rack - can these be interchanged between a MTB (Rockhopper) and Racer, I will be doing a laid back coast to coast tour in April with camping gear, my plan is it use the MTB, but would like to use panniers on both bikes on occasions
*Bag for the above panneirs - enough to carry stuff for 3 days camping
*Finally I want to use MTB SPDs for the racer, should I just stick with double sided MTB types (about £24), or would touring ones be of benefit (about £40), they seem to be one sided, but more expensive, not sure if its worth the upgrade, but a flat base may be better for long road rides?



  • I can help you on two of them:

    I have this computer and it will be more than enough for what you want: ... -computer/

    Regarding pedals i'd recommend these with the weather the way it is getting these (assuming you live in the UK) ... ng-pedals/

    Enjoy you're new bike.
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  • I think the only mudguards that will fit the Allez are the Crud raceblades. I have the old version and they do the job well. The Mark II versions have recently come out and they look even better!
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  • Despite having an Allez 16 a few years ago I can't remember if it can cope with Mud Guards and rack.

    Computers, Cateye are very good and popular. I have the Micro and I'm happy with it, despite it being a bit fuddy to set up.

    Maybe you'll need to change tyres for touring. I think my Allez came with 23mm and that's IMO far too thin for any touring comfort. The problem being the thicker the tyre the less you can put mud guards on.

    I've moved my rack (unbranded) from a MTB to my Allez bike no problem. I think most racks will tell you if its 26" and 700 wheel compatible.

    I'll agree with northstar and say the A530 style pedal is better for touring simply because in an emergency or laziness you can use the flat side to pedal in trainers.

    I've no experience with bags - apart from the girl friend, but she doesn't read this forum :wink:
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  • I bought the same model of cycle in November,also a MTB rider I opted for Shimano M520 MTB pedals,I use flat rides on my current MTB as well,there is a mtb vs road cleats discussion where I sasked the same question earlier in the year,which is still being added to this section..
    I use a Cateye wireless because I can use it on both cycles (2 x wheel setting availability) after buying a second mounting kit.
    The crud~racers look like the ones to go for as far as guards are concerned,mine should be here soon.
    I don't use a rack,I use a front handlebar mounted" satchel",it's quite big and does for all my needs.
  • thanks guys!

    My understanding was that the 2010 Allez had fixing for mud guards, but happy to try the Crud ones if not.

    I think I will go for a cat eye computer.

    The tour I am doing in April is the Coast to Coast, "Way of the Roses", but I think I will opt for the MTB just for durability and comfort.
  • The tour I am doing in April is the Coast to Coast, "Way of the Roses", but I think I will opt for the MTB just for durability and comfort.

    I would have thought the Allez would have been excellent on that route. If you waited until early June you'd have enough day light to do it in 1 day on a bike like that... LOL

    Seriously, on anything over 30 miles, a road bike is much better for touring unless you go off road of course. Road bikes are incredibly strong and can be much more comfortable then a MTB.
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  • lemoncurdlemoncurd Posts: 1,428
    I have one of these, it's easy to fit, well made and robust. If your seat post sizes are similar it should be easy to swap between your two bikes:

    There are a couple of other models for road bikes, different frame sizes etc.

    Also have one of these packs without the panniers, it's a bit heavy but looks almost brand new still after many miles of use: ... -panniers/
  • danowatdanowat Posts: 2,877
    Got Cruds (Mk2's) on my Allez, and after a fair bit of fiddling and fettling, I got them to fit without rubbing, had them on for a while now and they do the job.
  • Ive also got crud mk2s on mine & they do the job well. also got a german wireless computer from tk max for £8, works great apart from only being in kilometers per hour. :lol:
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