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A few minutes of your time, if you'd be so kind.

don simondon simon Posts: 37
edited December 2010 in MTB general
Hi guys, I was wondering if I could take a couple of minutes of your precious time to answer a few questions I've prepared here:


A bit of info, I have been registered here for a few years but would prefer to do this with a certain amount of anonymity and impartialty.

Themods are aware that I am doing this.

I have been asked by a local cycling federation here in Spain to sound out the idea of people coming over with the objective of racing. The initial idea is a weekend away with some racing thrown in.

It should only take a few minutes of your time.

Many thanks.

don simon (aka ............................) :wink:

Just remembered that Q.3 is a little iffy as you can only answer one option, but there is an opportunity to say something in the comments.


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