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Specialized Allez Brake Callipers

R8JimBob88R8JimBob88 Posts: 285
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G'day people,

I've got a Specialized Allez 16 2010. Pretty much everything so far is as standard as it gets. I'm slowly going to start upgrading and replacing parts as and when they wear out.

My rear brake is sticking, I reckon its the spring. Its been cleaned, oiled and checked over but when I release the brake leaver the calipers dont fully open unless I pull them by hand. The bolt isnt too tight either. I've lubed the cables too.

Is this an excuse to buy some new shiny brake calipers? If so, I have no idea what im looking for. I want something a little better than the standard pair in terms of quality. I have looked at a few but they have different "drops". Anyone know what I should be looking for? Something that its compatible with the standard Shimmano 2300 leavers etc. No budget as yet.

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got....


  • Sram Rival calipers were the first upgrade to my 2008 Allez Elite. At the time they were much better value than 105 or ultegra, you'd need to assess if this is still true for yourself. The Rival pads are good IMO and worked fine with Tiagra levers, so I assume they'd work with yours too.
  • Cheers I'll have a look at them.

    Any advice on what the drop is? I've seen a few different lengths but don't know what's what.
    If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got....
  • Long drop calipers are available for bikes with bigger clearances for mudguards, but you'll just need a standard road caliper for the allez. If you go ahead with the upgrade you'll really notice the difference - I heartily recommend you do! :)
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,665
    First thing would be to see if the cable is the cause of the problem - undo the cable pinch bolt and, ideally, remove from the frame totally. Then you'll see if the caliper is the underlying cause or not - more than likely it isn't but there can be stiction in the caliper mechanism to cause the problem which is sometimes only solved by total dismantlement.
  • Thanks all. I've had another close look and seems I have managed to fix it!

    It was the rear cable housing, needed a bit more oil so I took it off, oiled and popped it back on and jobs a good 'un! Never really thought that would be the problem.

    Although now I have another problem... In need of a new excuse for new callipers....
    If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got....
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Brake pads - eg Koolstop or Swissstop - are a worthy change and you will notice the difference over your stock pads.

    But the callipers themselves, no.

    However, your bike and your money, if it makes you happy and motivates you to get out on the bike then go ahead !
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