Caad9 upgrades

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Just bought a Caad9 for a good price!
Ok, its got Tiagra :(
But I fancy spending some money on the groupset.
Wheels already upgraded.
Just got hold of some 105 brake shifters.

Now I would like to do is replace the Standard chainset for a compact which would be BB30 compatible.
I might timetrial next year, might this be a bad idea? any suggestions?

I intend to use a 105 cassette and chain. Cheaper and in my reckoning expensive for little reduction in weight. Would you agree?

If I upgrade the Tekro brakes would I notice improved braking?


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    I've read in numerous places that most people when upgrading tend to skip a groupset, for example if you're running Sora, you'll go to 105, Tiagra to Ultegra, and 105 to DA, might be worth bearing that in mind when you consider your purchases.

    EDIT: Just read you want to upgrade the chainset to a compact, but start riding TT's? Are you going to get hold of some bigger chainrings in 110BCD? I'd have thought that if you're riding TT's you want to stick with 52/53t, rather than down to 50t which is what you'll be running with a compact, but I could be wrong.
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    I replaced my Tiagra groupset which came with my CAAD9 with my Force groupset off of my other bike. Here's my CAAD9...

    IMO Tiagra is hardly any different to the 105 I run on another bike, except the brakes - which are c***. So, if you don't want to send too much just upgrade the brakes.

    The only reason to upgrade to a more expensive groupset is to save weight mainly,which I don't think is ultra important for TT's, as against aero anyway.

    I also haven't upgraded to a BB30 compatible chainset - I'm not spending another £150-200 for something which I honestly don't feel would make much of a noticeable difference, although it could be worth it in TT'ing for shaving those seconds off - who knows.
  • Wheels(& tyres) are usually the single best upgrade - what hoops did it come with?
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    I'll stick with the Tiagra groupset on mine until it needs replacing.

    What wheels have you upgraded to?

    I'm no expert on TTing but perhaps a slicker gearchange might prevent some valuable loss of seconds should your Tiagra setup is a little less responsive on a key point of the course, e.g. on an incline. Depends on how serious you are - bear in mind the CAAD9 is not a TT bike.
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  • lef
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    I upgraded from tiagra to ultgegra 6700. Much more smooth as far as gear changes and the drive train feels much crisper in general. As you would expect the ultegra brakes are a great improvement over tiagra and more so with kool stop pads.
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    I noticed an improvement in braking when I stuck 105 (5600) callipers on my Allez (previously Tiagra 5400). That could've been down to supplied pads but they needed less fetling and also opens up after market pads from Koolstop and Swissstop.

    Definitely tyres. If your CAAD came with the same Luganos as mine they're wire bead and must weigh about 3kgs.