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adjusting brake help please

t3rm3yt3rm3y Posts: 3
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I received a mountain bike form mother in law, she won in raffle, its a mens bike, and she rode twice, so i guessed was a bargain)
I am looking at the brakes and on one side on each wheel the brake pad is touching the wheel, i have looked at the whole mechanism and am after some help on how to adjust.
i am guessing a lot of brakes come the same / similar:
1) i have a bolt on each pad that i can adjust to move the pad up and down but not away from the wheel,
2) there is a bolt on each side of the brake mechanism that looks like it bolts it to the frame
3)there is a tiny scren between the pad bolt and the frame bolt
4) another bolt at the top which looks like it holds the brake cable

i dont want to mess with the wrong thing in case it comes apart and i cant fix.
if simple i dont want to cart the bike to halfords for them to do.

any guidance please?


  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
    edited December 2010
    The bolt you have mentioned in point 3. If you screw that in it will move the pad away from the rim, if you screw it out it will get closer to the rim.

    Try screwing it in to move it away from the rim.
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  • brilliant looks like fixed now. i tighten the side that was too close and loosened the other side a little. cheers.
  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
    That type of brake can look like a right nightmare to work on but once you have a fiddle it all falls into place.
    Niner Air 9 Rigid
    Whyte 129S 29er.
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