Appeal against the rating for Trelock Motorrad MS650

jeremyrundle Posts: 1,014
I would like to appeal against your half a star rating for the Trelock Motorrad MS650

I have one of these, your report is shining yet it received half a star, there are more expensive locks, and the new york forgetaboutit is as heavy and the Kryptonite Kryptonite Modulus 1010S even managed a higher score.

Please can you look again at this superb lock.

Thank you.
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  • it's a cable, all cable locks are rubbish.

    read this, written by guys who know about security, and understand why these lock are no good. A decent pair of sickle jawed cutters would chop that very very quickly.

    34 seconds with power tools really isn't very long at all, personally I wouldn't use it. Currently I'm using an abus granit extreme and an oxford nemesis chain and an oxford 13mm alarmed disc d-lock. Massive overkill, hugely expensive but at least the fact i can barely lift the lot gives me piece of mind.

    The main thing is solid secure ratings to make sure the bike is covered by your insurers, there is no mention of this which mean the lock is in essence useless as they can and will cut anything given enough time so insurance is just about your only sensible recourse.
  • I agree there's a massive disconnect between comment and rating there. I'll ask Warren in the New Year. Nag back here if you don't hear anything by end of next week.
    John Stevenson
  • fossyant
    fossyant Posts: 2,549
    It's a cable lock.

    Deffo not worth getting if you value your bike.

    Have a look on LFGSS lock thread - they tell you what's good.

    I use a NY Mini Fagh, ABUS BORDO (front wheel and frame) and a cable lock (for the saddle).... expensive, but they work.

    When will folk ever learn, a cable can be cut very quickly with a bolt cutter, no matter how big and nasty the lock looks.... It's OK for a front wheel, but not a bike !