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The bar professional

kernel_gadaffikernel_gadaffi Posts: 121
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I was in a local pub a few weeks ago and managed to hear the bar professional giving a potential new rider advice, well, not advice as such, he was telling him what he had to buy, he told the newbie that he'd just taken delivery of a new bike costing £3,500, the bar pro was sickening this young lad off so, being a caring person I decided to interject, the bar pro told me he got a bike custom made for him, before I could enquire more, he supped off and went.
Thrusday gone he was in there again, he informed me that he cancelled the order for the new bike as they'd not delivered it in time :wink: , I mentioned to him that he told me that he'd got the bike, he then said, "no, you must have misunderstood what I said", he then proceeded to tell me he was going to spend the money updating his current bike, with new 8 inch travel forks, XTR gearing, Cane Creek wheels, Hope hubs and brakes, a carbon seat post, new bars and several other trick bits, when I asked what the frame would be, he blustered, "er, er, er, aaaa, er, a Carerra Kraken", I walked away shaking my head, he then said, "I've been mountain biking for nearly three years and am an expert, what do you know, how long have you been mountain biking?", I said, "only 20 years", he went before finishing his drink. I'd taken a few magazines up to give to the young lad and told him to get on the forum to look and to ask questions if he needed to, I also gave him my phone number in case he wanted any help, he was told by others in the pub not to take any notice of the "expert" as an "ex" is something that used to be and a "squirt" is a drip under pressure.

Hopefully I've saved him from the know-all.
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