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Hi i hope this is the right area?

I went out for a ride several days ago and had to turn back because it felt like my lungs were frozen, and my face was like ice

Is their anything to stop this, clothing wise? I need to loose a few pounds!!!!!

Thanks and i hope you all had a cracking xmas !


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    maybe a buff! depends on if you mind things covering your mouth. loads of designs and not expensive 0 I particularly like the Shutt VR Buff buff. I have a couple that I got free from Cycling+ mag and also a proper Buff in merino wool that I wear with everyday clothes rather than on my bike - love their versatility

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  • Ok thanks, i dont mind having face covered or mouth so that is ok, ill do a search

    Also has anyone got any favourite tops and trousers for the winter nothing expensive please guys

    Oh and preferably something which keeps the family jewels warm lol!!

    Thanks again
  • Does this look a good buff

    Are they elastic so that they are tight to the face? ... f-ec002038
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    Buy this used it today
    -3 and worked a treat great for your needs and doubles up as a rather cool dog walking hat should you own such a beast . If not have one of mine .... I have 3 of the things ... 59&ID=2483
  • ah this is the thing im looking for, any ideas on other winter clothing?
  • Forgot to put this is previous post! ... elID=46908
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    Just make sure you have good layers (base layers). Lots of cheap (roubaix) thermal tights available for the bottom half - and thermal tops (to go under your jersey).

    Personally I wear UnderArmour ColdGear stuff. Toasty warm. But other brands are available!

    If you ride in the cold - you get used to it a bit. Although my face goes numb on really cold days!
  • just had a look and found this it looks good and should keep me warm? ... elID=26756

    How about things which will keep my legs warm???
    Cant stand the cold lol!!
  • Pokerface
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    just had a look and found this it looks good and should keep me warm? ... elID=26756

    How about things which will keep my legs warm???
    Cant stand the cold lol!!

    Many people swear by those Endura tops.

    Depending on your budget, you want some "roubaix tights" - they are fleece lined for warmth. Some have a pad (so you don't need shorts also), some don't - so you wear them over your shorts.

    These are cheap, and no pad but warm (as an example): ... elID=44045

    Bibtights can range up to a few hundred quid, depending on brand.

    This will also keep your face warm: ... nkCode=asn
  • look good, thanks a lot for the info
  • how about these they are a lot cheaper but not sure if they would be up for the job ... elID=18089
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    It will depend on what level of effort you're going to ride at that will determine what you wear.

    This what I wore.

    Sweaty.....A base vest with lightweight wind proof jacket. And don't stop.

    Nearly sweaty.....A base vest, woven material jacket with wind proof on the front.


    Legs......Legging with wind proof on the front at all times.

    Head.....A motorcyclist balaclava.

    Feet.....Go up a size in shoes and a thick thermal sock and shoe covers.

    If you cannot get a jacket with the wind proof front then make a bib from polythene and put that under your jacket.

    If its too cold on your hands then do what I had too....walk. I was passing cyclists one morning going to work,walking. Then I ran into a wall of very cold air and realised why. It must have been many degrees below in one area.

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    how about these they are a lot cheaper but not sure if they would be up for the job ... elID=18089

    Legwarmers are OK fro above zero degrees. If the temp drops much lower then you'll find them cold.

    It's not that your lower legs may be cold - it's that you'll only have your shorts protecting your upper legs, etc - and lycra is pretty thin so you may find it too cold.

    Full tights give you more warmth (this is my opinion anyway!)
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    This Merino wool multi tube does the job for me. Doesn't get all sweaty like the cheaper one I used before. Got a great review in CW recently. Managed to get mine for £18.00 on Amazon. Also invested in some silk glove liners to add to the winter gloves. Added warmth without extra bulk. As said before a really good base layer is a must and well worth spending a little extra on. Having said all that, I can't wait to throw all the winter gear to the back of the cupboard for another year. 8)

    I hope the link works. Bit 'green' on t'net to be honest, but I can ride a bike I swear. :mrgreen:
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    Knew it wouldn't bloody work :x Anyway the EDZ merino multi tube is what i was trying to show. If anyone has the time and patience to explain to me how I get a hyperlink on this mac it would be much appreciated. Sorry I should start a new thread for that shouldn't I! :?
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    This is what I am trying to link to. Maybe time for an L-plate emoticon!
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    Forget the L-plates I've done it!!! :D Thanks everybody for your help. :lol:
  • +1 to the edz buff. I have a thinish cotton one from Shutt which is perfect for most days but when it is below freezing the merino one from edz is absolutely top notch. Best single peice of kit I own in the freezing weather. I wear it over my normal buff and up over my nose.

    I am convinced a buff adds on a couple of degrees to the temp you can ride in.
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    Aldi are doing a sale of ski stuff today inc a high neck jersey and a set of merino undies.
    I find that non-bike stuff is usually better in the winter for casual riding.
    I use a merino neck tube, you can pull them up over your ears or head.
    If its really cold you could ride at a slower pace to moderate your breathing. Getting into a sweat can be a bit dangerous in the cold. I like an insulated gillet to wear as an outer layer over windproofs. It is easy to add or remove and creates some useful insulation.
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    Anything that's a little thermal, and for the chest, something that blocks the wind and job's a goodun.
  • I put this this stuff on my face, works IMO. Helps keeps the chill off your face ... 20g_35483/

    Same stuff skiers use.
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    I find Altura's Winter waist tights (roubaix fabric, 2 pockets) over padded cycling shorts / undershorts are great. I would use an additional layer over my knees for longer rides in really cold weather. Having found silk liner gloves to help considerably with my cold fingers I thought that perhaps ladies' tights would do the same job on the legs - just don't tell anyone you're wearing them ;)

    For tops you just need to find appropriate layers that work under a windproof outer layer. If you can't push to merino, which is great, then get a normal base layer from an outdoor shop and add a thin midlayer (a cycling jersey or thin fleece top). Cotton doesn't work well next to the skin if you get sweaty but it's OK as an in between layer.
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