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first xc race

hicko37hicko37 Posts: 80
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hi, i want to take place in my first xc race the only problem is i cant find an event. has anyone got any info on any events in the north west of england or north wales. im quite and like a challenge so dont mind the distance as long as its not 12/24 hr race :cry:

cheers dave
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  • Cumbria too far North-West? If not, link: :)
  • hii cheers for the reply its about 140 mile away so a little bit to far for me.
    2010 stumpy expert
    1998 saracen tuff trak (classic)
    2008 pinarello fp1
  • I did the round 1 of British Mountain Bike Series at Sherwood Pines and it was great. It was my first and only race so far (I'll be doing it again in 2011), but it was very well organised with lots of Cats and you could even review your own lap times on their web site. I was in the "open" cat and found it a good starting point.

    Go for it!
  • Yeah go for it! I did my first race 3 years ago and havn't looked back.

    Just set your own pace and use the first one as a learning experience. You can crank it up later!!!
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  • There is a regional event calendar on british cycling website. However it covers all of wales instead of just norh wales. However there are some events that i'm aware of that haven't been advertised on their before.
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  • SiLancSiLanc Posts: 180

    There are a couple of series in the North which you may find of interest (amongst others). (based in North Yorkshire) (very good and near Manchester)

    There is also the Whinlatter Challenge which is very good, you can read my report here:

    I have a report from the Brownbacks series too:

    I can also strongly recommend the Whinlatter Challenge, it is one of the best events I have entered...and I've probably completed around 70 in the last three years.

    Hope this is useful and good luck :)
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