Trek 5.2 WSD - Should I be crying?

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I want to build up a road bike so I bought a frame advertised on E-Bay as a new Project 1, 2010 Trek Madone 5.2 WSD frame (Christmas present to myself). When it arrived it had Trek stickers indicating it is a Jan. 2008 manufactured frame. It definitely looks new. The seller's explanation is that the frame has not changed, they actually ordered it from Trek in the fall of 2009 and I am getting a good deal at my purchase price. I paid $860. Trying to decide if I should send this back. Any thoughts?


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    It's clearly not what has been listed ie; 2010 frame as the stickers on it state its a 2008 so for that reason you can ask for your money back..regardless if the difference between the two models is the decals....

    If you payed for it via Paypal then you have some sway...

    It depends on wether you like what you have bought regardless of the year it was manufactured....

    Personally if it were me it would be going back from where it came...
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  • Thank you upperoilcan and lagavulin. My intent is to just have a bike for myself and this is a lovely frame, but my excitement is tempered by it not being as described. It occurs to me that should I ever want to sell it (Probably not, but who has crystal ball? )I will be selling a 2008 not a 2010, so the value will be less. I'm leaning toward sending it back and posting a complaint on E-Bay. And yes, it was paid via PayPal and the seller says she's unwilling to take less.
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    The seller does not have a leg to stand on,simply complain to both Paypal and Ebay and let them do the donkey work........

    The seller is in the wrong and they know it...........
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    I would send it back and claim your money but would not offer negative feedback if all is resolved amicably and no money is lost. Certainly I would not offer negative feedback prior to it all being resolved.
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    one of the best spam emails I've seen, very good!
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    one of the best spam emails I've seen, very good!

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    If the price you paid is low enough to warrant keeping it - I would.

    If a 'genuine' 2010 frame would cost you significantly more - then I would keep it, especially as it's basically the same frame.

    Ultimately - it's your choice. But if you DO keep it, make sure it comes with a warranty. From what I understand, Trek bikes can only be sold (and collected from) official retailers and shops. Anything 'online' is not official and you may have no recourse should a problem occur.

    Trek are funny that way.