ac joint dislocation

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Had a tumble up at Cmwcarn the other week, turns out its a type 3 ac joint dislocation as a&e have told me.

I've seen a number of other posts about shoulder injuries, but wondering if anyone has had this specific injury, and how long it took them with physio to get back on the bike?

Would a march skiing holiday also be out of the question, the consultant will only give suggested times to normal usage which he suggested is 6+ weeks. - vid of the innocuous looking spill.


  • Chrissz
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    Took a long time for mine to recover :( Weeks before I could ride a bike again and months before I could throw something. Still plays me up on a bench-press years later!

    I'd definitely be taking it easy if I were you mate.
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    I did a type 4 at the start of July 2010-still not back off road
    Depends how bad though- I couldn't drive for 6 weeks
    It was about 10 weeks before I could ride the road bike
    How much pain are you in?
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    pain is manageable, just keep the arm by my side and don't try to rotate or move the shoulder. do everything from the elbow so like a dinosaur with short arms.

    only been 3 weeks since atm and i can tell its getting better but, a long way off bike better, can only hope can get on a turbo trainer between now and then otherwise come summer, it'll be time wasted building up endurance again rather than just enjoying the trails.

    similar position with driving, but auto as once in gear can forget about it until i stop :p

    cheers for the replies, took the advice and cancelled a skiing holiday in march, bad enough being off the bike without several hundred quid down the pan also.
  • MikeWW
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    I went straight back on the turbo a few days after the accident
    Just rode non handed and strapped the bad arm up-tried duct tape but it doesn't work well
    Gradually able to use one hand then two
    I also lifted the front of the bike more than normally to keep the weight off my arms
    Be carefull re driving as it may be an insurance issue
  • Just looked at your vid. I dislocated my shoulder on the mojo down hill trail at cwm carn 18 months ago still remember the pain when they put it back in. I couldn't ride off road for 3 months & it took 6 wks of constant physio (luckily I had good health INS) before I could work again. Good news is that although I still get discomfort in the shoulder most days I can still ride as good as ever & have not suffered any further partial dislocations a common occurrence if u don't continue physio & build strength. Good luck with the recovery & keep moving/ exercising the shoulder
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    thanks, well theres a better outcome than i'd heard from others, and start my physio today :)
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    on a down side a mate of mine did the same kind of injury he tore the ligaments and had to have an op a month after the accident to have a metal plate put in to get the ligaments to reattach he has had that in since oct he is back in on monday to have the plate removed and has been told not to ride until at least May/June so that will be around 9/10 months :shock: off the bike and he came off alot slower than you
    Hope yours is ok and not a tear like his
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  • I had a grade 4 AC joint separation so I feel your pain!!

    I was back on the bike in 3-4 weeks, but not out of constant pain, after 3 months, pain still not gone, so had to have an operation to fix it. They put in artificial ligaments and screws and stuff. After the op I was off the bike for a further 6 weeks but now its better than its ever been, in fact, I get less pain from the rebuilt shoulder than I do from teh normal never been injured shoulder :lol:

    I hope you get better soon mate.
  • i had a AC joint problem about two years ago! landed REALLY HARD whilst doing Judo! couldnt believe the pain i was in!! couldnt play Basketball for about a month afterwards! DEVESTATED!

    speedy recovery my friend.. RT Tester
    north west of england.