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Just looking at Mario Fondriest's TF2 online, look beautiful. ... at=2&id=19

Anyone know, owned or ridden this model. I use to own a Alu/carbon Fondriest Don Racer in 2001, which I loved and sold and brought a Tommasini carbon later on which I still have.

Are these frames expensive, ratings compared to Colango, Pinarello etc...

Any comments!


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    I Suppose it`s what takes your fancy.
    I cant see past Italian frames/bikes - Fondriest has always made good looking bikes
    personally i have always bought Colnago`s (pretencious i know) :D
    Sometimes a bike will be lighter and maybe have better components but the "Look" of the bike has got to be right and italian bikes have that Look !

    The Fondriest looks a lot like the Pinarello Prince it`s just a shame that in this country there should be more shops giving you test rides on a bike as when your paying best part of 4k on a bike it`s alot of money to get it wrong ? I think you could do a lot worse than buy the Fondriest . cheers.
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    The 3 most important things about a bike-

    It's fit for purpose

    It fits perfectly

    When you look at it it makes you want to ride it...
  • Hi im new here but got very close to buying a fondriest last month when my LBS started stocking them. He had a TF3 in the shop window and i had to go in a look at it, stunning in the flesh but was too small to test ride. He also had a tf2 on the wall half built. Was interest in the TF3 and was 2200 euros (i live in mallorca) he said last year the frame was 2000 but this year (2010) you get the whole bike for 2200. i was impressed but then thats a lot of money for 105 groupset and fulcrum 7 wheels i thought. Beautiful to look at but didnt get any price on the tf2. After digging around I found the cheapest place was ebay italy there was loads for 1500 euro mark but i couldnt get there easily enough and the few that were in spain were sold. Get yourslef a 100 quid weekend away here if you want to ride one as there are many shops stocking them her now. I ended up buying a wilier izoard centaur in the end in lampre coulours as it came up at the right price. A good spanish website is there is lots of bikes on there and you get a few TF2 come up virtually new for around 1500 euro mark. great bikes in my opinion and probably the best ive seen except some of the new top end ridley and look stuff around at the moment.
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    The Fondriest company today is not the same as the one that was around a few years ago - the current one is a licensing deal to sell a 'Fondriest' range of bikes after the original business, run by Maurizio's brother went bust. I've always hankered after one as Maurizio shares my date of birth - the frames themselves look like generic Chinese carbon jobs, so a lot depends on what premium you want to place on the paintjob - bit classier than Ribble tho'.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • I was looking at a TF2 earlier this year found out they were £1600.. which was a great price. contacted them again last month and the TF2 had gone up to £2300 or something!!!! needless to say they arnt getting my money after a hike like that.....