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Cateye Strada Question

daveyokdaveyok Posts: 69
edited December 2010 in Road beginners
I've got the 8 function wireless cateye strada for my road bike which has been fine. I've just bought a turbo trainer and wondered if I can get a cadence sensor that will work with this unit?


  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Hi there, this may sound like a sarcy response but have you tried counting? When on the turbo I often work on things like technique in pedalling and also learning to keep my cadence consistant. I just concentrate on one foot, look at my stop watch and count the revs for 15 seconds, 20 is about right, 25 is a decent fast pace. I figure you don't need to montior your cadence all the time, just learn what 80 and 100 feels like and stick to it. Hence, I just count about once every 30 mins, no computer needed.

    I have also found that listening to the Ramones helps me to keep the tempo up!!
  • No.
    That's why they do a cadence version of the wired and double wireless versions.
  • Thanks Bobbinogs - not sarcy at all. I'm in new gear mode at the moment and it's a sensible suggestion.
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