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HI All,

I'm usually more of a "lurker" on the forums, but wanted to share a great experience I had yesterday.

I read the winter bike test in Cycling Plus, and decided I quite fancied the new Scot S35 as a way to get fit through the winter, and keep my Bianchi for "best"...

I looked up my nearest dealer on the Scott website and found it to be Bike Lab in Poole - I didnt even know it existed, let alone what it would be like!

I called in, was left just long enough to look around the bikes before being approached, and then had a fantastic "no rush" conversation with the sales guy. He was knowledgeable, passionate, but really not pushy - something that has really put me off of my other roadie-focussed LBS lately.

I went away for an hour, decided I really wanted it, and went back to do the deal. Before any money exchanged hands, I was fully measured up - not just leg length, but arms, shoulder width, torso.... it felt a bit like going for a new made to measure suit. When the bike is delivered in a few days, they've asked me to go back for about an hour so that MY bike can be put on a trainer and they will fine tune it to be just perfect for me...

All of this, AND they offered me the choice of 10% off the bike or free services for two years....

I really love to shop, but it seems that these days finding anyone who really cares about selling you the right thing is rare.....Thought I would share this with you.

Can't wait to get my hands on the new bike and put some miles in :-)

If anyones about in the Bournemouth/Poole area, I'm always looking for new riding buddies!



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    I have to say I've also had a very good experience of Bike Lab in Poole, went in to have a look around to get ideas for a new bike that I plan to buy next year for the summer and ended up buying a winter jacket.

    Thing was I couldn't decide between the North Wave or the Campag and to my surprise they offered me the choice of paying for one but taking both home so that I could properly decide, I was a little taken aback and offered to pay for both and bring one back for refund once I had made my mind up, but said no that's fine happy to let you take both on trust!
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    spent alot of money with Bikelab 6 years ago on a dream bike.

    i could not fault their service, expertise or patience. plus they are not elitist or expensive.
  • Nice to hear. I have a simillarly praiseworthy LBS in Strood, Kent - Geoff Wiles Cycles. Always happy to chat without pushing too far.
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  • shame there's no one in bristol like that :roll:

    sounds like a good find.
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    + 1 for Bikelab

    Flew down from Glasgow to Bournemouth collected by Stu Bowers (now cycling weekly bike tester) at the airport and went to the shop in Poole to get measured up for a Lightspeed Vortex - great service and not pushy or railroaded into buying a bike.