4 Bolt Shoes?

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Does anybody actually make them?

Speedplay pedals say they can be mounted directly to 4 bolt shoes without using the adaptor and thereby reducing the stack height.

Does anyone know of a manufacturer or retailler? What do the Pro Teams using Speedplay wear?
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  • Eddy S
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    Several of the Lake road shoes are available with Speedplay compatible soles.
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  • sungod
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    as above, lake shoes, from memory the 401 and 330 models, wiggle sells them so you can see details/prices there, bont do some as well i think

    afaik most people use 3-hole, me too, they are fine with the adaptor plate, even then the stack height is still low vs. many others...

    11.5mm speedplay zero etc. 3-hole shoe
    8.5mm speedplay zero etc. 4-hole shoe
    20.5mm Campagnolo Pro Fit Record/Chorus/Veloce
    21.3mm Look CX6 Ti
    17.1mm Look Keo/Ti
    22.0mm Look PP296
    13.7mm Shimano SPD SL, Shimano Ultegra SL
    12.0mm Shimano SPDR
    12.5mm Time RSX/Ti/RXE
    12.2mm Time Impact/Titan Mag, 3-hole shoe
    11.5mm Time Impact/Titan Mag, 4-hole shoe
    16.5mm Time Equipe Pro Magnesium, 3-hole shoe
    8.8mm Time Equipe Pro Magnesium, 4-hole shoe
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