'National' masters championships

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There seems to be a profusion of age group racing organisations offering 'national' championships. Well, BCF and LVRC, and TLI (if that is not the same as LVRC but I can't tell) to name three. Seems like there are a few international ones too, offering 'world' masters.

Can someone explain a bit of the background to why we have this? Why isn't there just one vets racing umbrella? Anyone able to comment on the quality and organistion of the racing? I will be trying them out, but would love to know a bit of the history.


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    The most widely recognised 'veterans' championships is run by the International Cycling Federation, ICF and not the UCI. LVRC is affiliated to ICF whereas British Cycling with the UCI.
    IME if you want quality age-group racing, join LVRC - races are organised by age-group rather than categories so you don't have the nonsense of having to gain points to get to ride better quality races. LVRC races are run regionally, so depends on where in the country you are.
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