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Off-road Duathlons

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I've just returned to MTBing after a few years off following some serious self abuse, child creating, career focussing and subsequent weight gain!
Anyway, with old bike sold, shiny new bike purchased (and the upgrading process well under way!) I've lost a stone and a half and got into off road duathlons.....I've done two and signed up for two more next year already.......I've even asked Santa for some SPDs!!!
The question is this - are there any duathlon specific clubs/forums anywhere and is there any way other than Google-ing "duathlons 2011uk"???
Any help greatly appreciated


  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Where in the country are you?

    All About Triathlons do a load around Surrey/Hants through winter.
  • Hi

    Im in Kent and have travelled to Cirencester and Chelmsford so far, so Surrey/Hants is no you have a website or somewhere I could get details?

  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Apologies, it's Human Race who do the duathlons. All About Triathlons do one in September too.
  • Thanks - Ill check that out
  • Check out triathlon magazines/web sites these have events and duathlon articles.

    these may be more road bike based but there are off road ones too.

    Some running magazines may have the odd advert too.

    Training advice is generally to practice running after a hard bike ride to get your legs used to the feeling of running after the bike and obviously vice versa practice cycling after a hard run.
    Practice transitions and products that suit your stomach to replenish fluid and energy.
    I found that water and gels were best,but we are all different!
  • am doing the fearless dualthlon feb 13 just google it, after that try x tri series 2011, there off road triathlon,
  • Looks really good, those events are a bit to far away for me ( South Wales) does anyone know of any events a bit closer :)
  • Thanks all - Ive signed up for the Cirencester Du again in feb and will do the Chelmsford later in the year....may look at the QX series in Surrey/Hants area they look pretty good too

    back to training after the Xmas splurge on cake!!!

    Happy Riding
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