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Loose outer chainring

furragfurrag Posts: 481
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Here's the score; My drivetrain needed replacing - I have a Pro-lite driveline crankset, and looking on their website, they use 130bcd rings. I got the replacements - Shimano SG B-53 and B-39.

When I put it on the chainring bolts, they won't tighten up enough. I've measured, and they're the same thickness in diameter. There's however slight mm gap as can be seen in the photos below between the chainrings fixings and crank spider. I'm not sure this should make a difference though if they're being clamped down? When I put the old 53t chainring on, it tightens up fine without a problem. :?


  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    Ah ha!

    In an attempt to find where the play could be coming from I discovered that the old chainring doesn't have a recess for the bolts - the new one does. I flipped the outer ring so the recess was hidden and it tightens up absolutely fine.

    Looks like I'm going to have to source some washers -10mm inner diameter x 11mm outer diameter x 1mm thick i - going to be a nightmare! :cry: Any ideas?
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    A decent LBS will carry these washers or try someone like Velosolo - typically called chainring spacers
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    Aye, I found Velosolo via Google and fired off an email to them. Fantastic website and FAQ they have.

    Will also try all the LBS' - cheers!
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    Did you want to lose the outer chainring?

    Or is it loose!?
  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    Good spot.

    Corrected to avoid bondage frisbee-fetishists PM'ing me.
  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    Monty Dog wrote:
    A decent LBS will carry these washers or try someone like Velosolo - typically called chainring spacers
    Went into Sigma Sport today in Hampton Wick - no luck! They said they don't use washers on Shimano chainrings. Also got a reply from Velosolo stating they don't stock them.

    I'm going to try a few DIY shops, but I'm not holding my breath! :(
  • jonmackjonmack Posts: 522
    Would it be possible to get shorter bolts? Or file a mm or so off the end of your current ones? Or modify the other section so they can be screwed all the way through and don't bottom out?
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Just get some Shimano or similar bolts. Ones from any chainset that has recessed rings will do.
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