Garmin 800 Data screens

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Hi all. I have looked through the manuals and i must be looking to hard or I'm a techno biff but how do you alter the displays so you can customize what you see on the screen ? Help ! :oops:


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    It is hard to find! Go to tools (the spanner symbol) - Training Pages - Timer pages. Then select the number of data fields you want on each of the numbered pages. You can then select a data field and scroll through the many choices. It will then give you a choice of what to put in each data field. When you are happy, save that page and select page 2 and so on until you are happy.
    You can also click on 'Map' to have a choice of 2 bits of data at the top of the map, or none. I found that deciding what I wanted was the hardest part. You will also come across the choice of 'Auto-scroll' which scrolls through them as you ride. A touch of the screen can stop or re-start auto scroll as you ride. Very useful I found.
    I hope this makes sense.
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    Thanks :D Job done. They don't make it easy