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Can anyone suggest a good helmet light?



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    Exposure Joystick is a usual favourite round these parts. You could also try the Hope Vision 1 which has an updated helmet mount. I think also that Fenix do some sort of helmet mount for their lights as well. All three are very popular on here. I think also that its gonna depend on wether you want the light for being able to see or be seen. To the best of my knowledge all of the above are good for both.
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    If you don't have £150 to spend on a Joystick then you can get a 501b XPG from BestOfferBuy in HK for about £12:50. You will need to buy 18650 cells, a charger and a mount as well. At under £30 for the lot it is much cheaper - and you can run another 2 XPGs or a P7 on your bars as well for the complete 18650 torch solution.

    Not quite as small and light as a Joystick, and probably not quite the same quality - but a lot cheaper, and you can also use your XPG as a torch. You will have to factor in a 2-4 week wait unless you pay for express delivery.
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  • The Hope is too heavy I'd suggest. Think 4 AA cells in an aluminium box strapped to your head.

    Is it as a main light or auxilliary?
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    Thanks for the advice. I am looking to use it as an extra light to help drivers see me, so I don't want anything too expensive or heavy.
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    Go to Tesco's and get some of the clip on lights
    Like http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... delID=5765 but they will just cost you £4 for red and white.
    , plus for that you can buy two lots and put both on your lid.
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    Alternatively, if you want a bright helmet with front and rear lights you can check out the Proviz kit...

    http://www.goinggoingbike.com/auction/o ... Helmet-426
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