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3 Months 2011 (April, May June) WHere would you go?

oysterkiteoysterkite Posts: 79
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I have the chance to take 3 months (April, May, June) out in 2011? Any suggestions of a route outside europe ? (Happy to fly to the start and fly back from the finish) I like to do a fair amount of mileage, am happy on paved or unpaved (will be using drop bar bike, cyclocross prob and travelling light). Dont like rain or cold btw!!! - have looked at the usual sites (cgoab etc)... would welcome any suggestions esp from anyone who has toured spring/early summer (I realise this is pretty open ended, just looking for ideas)

All the best guys & gals


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Some places I've been that I'd recommend:

    1) Morocco and the Sahara (I was only in Morocco for a couple of weeks and spent all that time in the Atlas mountains, but with 3 months you could do something pretty interesting in the Atlas then maybe riding down to Senegal)

    2) Ethiopia (fascinating country and very, very beautiful, but hard. The people are either very friendly or horrible (no in-between) and the kids can be little twunts. I've been round the northern mountains (Simien) and the southern mountains (Bale) which took a combined time of about 3 months. Accommodation easy to find, food less easy)

    3) Uganda/Tanzania (3 months would be enough for a really interesting trip from Kampala across to the west of Uganda, down to the Tanzanian border and then a trip across Tanzania to finish in Dar es Salaam. Easier than Ethiopia as the people are generally more predictable and the roads are less mountainous. Food and accommodation easy to find)

    4) Zambia/Botswana/Namibia (I started in Lusaka in Zambia, headed across then down to Namibia and along the Caprivi strip, into Botswana and across the edge of the Kalahari and then back into Zambia. I then did a loop around the edge of Zambia. Took about 3 months. Really interesting trip this one - lots of wildlife and lots of opportunity for wild camping in the bush. In fact you'd need to be happy to wild camp most of the time to do the trip I did. Food not always easy to find and you'll need a stove - I lived off porridge for 3 months)

    You should find the weather pretty agreeable in all these places in spring/early summer.
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  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 1,055
    Did some nice cycling in Goreme and Cappodoccia in Turkey one May then the Turquoise coast area,Antalaya, Olympus,( Chimera area)........Greek islands hopping.the year after.Others I recommend are Early April Japan for Cherry blossoms(gone by May unfortunatrely.. Chiang mai and North Thailand for Thai New year.,,(all too near each other in April unfortunately )In Thailand the weather was scorcihing
  • Thanks for those, some interesting ideas...time to dig out the adventure cycling handbook methinks :lol:
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