Fitting mudguards to CX bike

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My bike, a Fuji cross pro has mudguard fittings but no chainstay bridge.
I have seen a handy tip to use a DMR hinged clamp which woild appear ideal vut I cannot understand the size I need. On the Wiggle page it gives 28.6 / 31.8 and 34.9.
What do these refer to? I ran a tape measure around the tube but that is 10.5 cms.

Also has anybody else used one and what are your opinions? The only downside I can think of is that the guard will be virtually hard up against the tube & quite a way away from the tyre at the base but its no big thing.


  • AndyF16
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    The measurement given is the seat tube diameter, not it's circumference - easiest thing to use is a large adjustable spanner to ascertain this :idea:

    Sorry I can't help with other info but I'm sure someone here will shortly
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    The measurement is the diameter of the tube, not the circumference.
  • Doh!

    Cheers - I must stop drinking beer to excess ;-)
  • Monty Dog
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    Your seatpost size is a good indication of seattube clamp size - if post is 27.2mm, then you need 31.8 whereas if post is bigger e.g. 31.6 then you'll need 34.9mm
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  • Thanks Monty - my seat binder is 31.8 - I suppose I therefore need 31.8 size.
    I'll report once I've tried the clamp attachment - might help others decide.