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Homebrew 2x9 2x10 gearing

2oldnslow2oldnslow Posts: 313
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After years of riding only on the road usually on carbon fibre rocket ships all of which where way faster than me, I rediscovered the joy of seeing the countryside at a more leisurely pace whilst on holiday in Cyprus a couple of months back.

I rented a pretty basic Orange Gringo MTB for a couple of weeks and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Cypriot countryside in the far west of Cyprus around the Akamas peninsula most of the time being spent off road.

I'm now looking forward to taking early retirement and plan on spending a fair portion of my time in Cyprus so want to put together a "off road tourer" Back in my CTC days we'd probably have called it rough-stuff and made do with pretty standard touring bikes but I'm looking for something a lot more biassed towards off road usage (I've a Cervelo and a Planet-X for the tarmac stuff) and have got my eyes on buying either a Salsa Fargo or Singular Cycles Gryphon frameset (both of which are disc brake only 29ers). Probably the Singular as I don't envisage laden touring and for overnight stops a SQR type fitting and saddle bag would be all I'd need.

Anyway to get to the point I've got a open ended budget but I'd like if possible to utilise stuff languishing in my various "spares boxes" (and spend the money on some nice wheels and finishing kit. I've got a Middleburn RS7 triple chainset which is old but in good condition and am thinking of dispensing with the big ring and fitting a lightweight bash ring plus 38/36 T middle and either a 24 or 26T inner ring. Cassette would be 9 speed 12-27 and for a mech I've got a Dura-Ace RD7700GS which has a capacity of 38T max front difference of 23T and a max rear sprocket of 27T so it looks doable. Shifters would be Dura-Ace 9 speed STI's left over from when I upgraded my Cervelo to 10 speed. Is there any reason this wouldn't work providing I use the road version of Avid BB7 discs?

Thanks in anticipation


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    am i missing something. where is the 10 speed.

    its all 9spd so no issues.
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  • turnerjohnturnerjohn Posts: 1,249
    yeh where exactly does the 10speed thing come into play ?
    The 7700 mech is 9 speed as is all the other stuff so will be fine,
    I've the Avid Road BB's on my commuter cross bike with 9 speed Dura Ace shifters and they work fantastically ! (can only use the MTB versions with travel agents)
    Only thing is they take a bit longer to set up (am switching back to cantis in the summer :-) )
  • yes sorry about the 10 speed thing I'm recovering from a bit of an off (7 broken ribs) and sleepless nights are the order of the ahemmm day. Actually thinking about the gearing 24/27 isn't that low given that the length and steepness of some of the hills in Cyprus so I might give a bigger cassette a try.
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