USE fork on a Scott Race Comp 696 from the nineties

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I've been given a frame to play with so am actively looking for some skis of some description to bolt onto it.

Meanwhile the donor bike has a USE (Ultimate Sports Engineering) fork which appears to be machined aluminium. Serial Number: 000181 makes me think they weren't that common.

Before I rip it apart is there any retro/value/requirement for these forks?

/me goes to get the power drill.


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    Is it a SUB single legged fork? They were very expensive at the time, and those who tried them generally liked them. They were certainly different, made a bike handle rather strangely!

    IIRC USE did also dabble in some more conventional forks, looked a bit like old school Rock Shox, 28mm stantions etc.

    To be honest I doubt there's much real value in either now!
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    It is not a single and it is possibly called an: Atomic suspension fork ... 24Fork.JPG

    It is 'unique'.
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    Someone on Retrobike will take it off your hands.
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    Nah, they made a few. A friend won one at the Brighton Big Dog last year. Why not give Rory at USE a ring and ask him about it?