Garmin 800 initail charge

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Hi all. My Garmin arrived today. Just wondered how long to put it on charge fresh out of the box for before i use it ? Thanks


  • BenS999
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    check page 2 - 15 hrs. Google rocks! :P
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  • 1_reaper
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    Knackers ! Missed that :oops: Thanks. Oh and one more thing will the Garmin GCS10 Speed/Cadence Sensor work with the 800 for spare bike? Thanks
  • Ands
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    It doesn't say charge for 15hrs - it says that it will run for 15hrs once fully charged.

    When you plug it in to charge it, the display shows the % surely you just charge it until it says 100%?? I just used mine straight out of the box - there was already charge in the battery.