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Parlee Z3....Final images Pg2..

LigLig Posts: 178
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Hi all,

This is going to be one of those frustrating posts where over time the machine comes together....

After buying and selling loads of bikes, I decided to take the plunge and 'invest' in a dream machine; I intend this one to be a keeper!!....

Here’s the first instalment.....



  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    That's just lovely!!

    Now trying to identify the location from the stonework. Yorkshire side of the Pennines? Bradford / Airedale kind of area??
  • Stunning, simply stunning!

    What you building her up with?

    Record and Lightweights? ohhhhh :twisted:
  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Cheers guys…

    Keef66 you certainly know your stonework!!

    Squ… right on the button!!

    Build as follows:

    Frame: Parlee Z3 Size XL - Custom headtube, paint and UD tubing.
    Fork: Enve (Edge) composites
    Headset: Chris King nothreadset
    Wheels: Lightweight Standard C
    Tyres: Vittoria Evo CX
    Chainset: Zipp VumaQuad 39/53 175
    Pedals: Look Keo Carbon Ti (poss Keo blade Ti)
    Chain: Record 10
    BB: Ceramic
    Front Mech: Record 10
    Rear Mech: Record 10
    Shifters: Record 10 (red edition)
    Brakes: TRP 950SL
    Cassette: 13-26 full Ti.
    Saddle: Fizik ArioneCX
    Seatpost: Cinelli RAM
    Stem: Cinelli Neo CX XL
    Bars: Stella Azzurra Tirreno (branding removed)
    Bartape: White…
    Cables: Nokon Red or black TBC??

    Weight: TBC
  • It is nice to see a carbon frame that is a bit different from the crowd.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Looking forward to seeing this!!
  • Mr Parlee doesn't like integrated headsets. If that were me, I would have blacked out the 'Chris King's' as well.
  • Yummy
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  • I don't see what your all getting excited about :?
    Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
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  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Heh heh... are you serious Fungus? I have been losing sleep with excitement over the last week - but then I suppose I would!!

    Berk - I chose the CK headset in 'Sotto Voce' which is matt black on be as 'blacked' out as poss... I do prefer external headsets - I think it suits the 'classic' lines of the lugged frame, but Bob Parlee does use integrated designs on his Z4 and Z5 (but not the custom made frames).

    Had some time today and nearly finished the build - but now the snow has fallen so this may hinder my photo opportunities!!

    Should have something in a few days!!

  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,731
    That is lovely 8)
  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    Superb - did you rob a bank?
  • LigLig Posts: 178
    edited January 2011

    Cheers Flasher...I am over the moon with it!! Scrumple... heh..heh... I have just been buying and selling loads of bike bits and continually upgrading....and this is the climax!! I guess if I robbed the bank it would have Super Record Ti drivetrain... but thats for laters...... :lol:

    Full screen images clickey here…. ... 1665_o.jpg ... 1675_o.jpg

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
  • SupergooseSupergoose Posts: 1,089
    Really nice choices made there. Very classy. Black bar tape ftw! 8)
    Rock 'n' Roule
  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Cheers guys..

    Supergoose, you may just be right...I will experiment and see...I have a black Fizik CX so may go wtih black saddle\tape??!!

    I have got lots of time to experiment before the weather allows a test ride!!

  • I hate you
  • matteraimatterai Posts: 176
    Lovely! 8)
  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Cheers Matterai,

    Squi.... :lol:

  • max888max888 Posts: 206
    Dear Father ChristLig,

    I've been really good this year, WHERE'S MINE :evil: :lol:
  • Update from yesteday.

    Still feeling that hate :evil:
  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Squi - Close your eyes, take a deep breath and breath out slowly and relax..........its Christmas..........

    Max888 - You never know what you will find in your stocking.......

    Merry Christmas guys...

  • Thats nice, but give me pinarello or colnago any day :)
  • kfinlaykfinlay Posts: 763
    That's bloomin lovely, think it would look even better in the metal (or carbon mostly!)

    Bikes such as that never seem to look their best in photos as it''s the subtle details that are missed. The profile photo looks almost boring but with the others you do get to see some of the detail. Like I say bloomin lovely, hope it rides as good as it looks and brings a smile to your face every time your out on it.


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  • LigLig Posts: 178
    edited January 2011
    Thanks for your kind words Kev, much appreciated!! And yes you are right, the photos don’t show the detail. The carbon tubes look kind of like ‘fibre optic’ in the day light as the black turns silver depending on the light – really stunning (in my opinion) and also you cant see the ‘Parlee’ ghost text on the top tube, seat stays and the forks unless you see it in person!!

    Thanks Ashley7 – fair comment, but I don’t really like the look of the monocoque Dogma and although I am sure it’s a great frame I think it is the bike of the ‘moment’ and in a few years will look dated, I also looked at the Time RXRS but same applied as the Pin IMHO…As this is going to be a keeper I wanted something more traditional looking that ‘hopefully’ wont date…. The C59 on the other hand was my other choice. I love the geo of Colnagos and sold an Extreme C for this bike and my training bike is also a Colnago which I do love…In the end I wanted something more ‘bespoke’ and unique which is why I ended up going for the Parlee with my paint choice and a geo spec as near as I could to the Colnago…. Also as I intend to keep it a good while, I wanted something with more than a 2 year warranty!!

    Cheers Lig.
  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,077
    very nice indeed,
    i am building my new frame at moment and waiting for bb cups nearly 2 weeks and not here :cry:
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  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Thanks Markyone,

    So what are you building?? Maybe start your thread and show us the frame/build in progress???

  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,077
    hi its a new dogma :D with super record,i have 2 sets of wheels campag shamal ultra and easton ec90 but in 2 minds what to put on.
    The build is nearly there just waiting on bb cups italian thread which i ordered 2 weeks ago and still not here.
    Going to go to cirencester wed as performance cycles have them in stock so can pick them up then fit them.
    Will put pics on when finished which should be soon.
    Colnago c60 Eps super record 11
    Pinarello F8 with sram etap
  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Hi Markyone,

    That should look well 'trick' BUT i think you are going to have to sell your shamals and ec90s and get some Boras :twisted:

    I will look forward to seeing it...

  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,077
    Lig wrote:
    Hi Markyone,

    That should look well 'trick' BUT i think you are going to have to sell your shamals and ec90s and get some Boras :twisted:

    I will look forward to seeing it...

    would love boras but funds have dried up :( so will stick with what i have at the moment but one set needs to go.
    Colnago c60 Eps super record 11
    Pinarello F8 with sram etap
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