Am I making the right choice!

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I really fancy a Rapha Soft Shell Jacket.

Prior to me departing with £240 fun tokens, do you think I'am making the right choice? Or is there a better alternative out there?

Your advice would be greatly received.


  • I'd be scared to come off and rip it. Personally I have a Pearl Izumi softshell, I think they are about half the price. No complaints as a product.
  • I've got a Castelli Managgia, can't fault it and you can pick them up for about £140ish
  • Supergoose
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    If you like it, buy it. The fact you are asking on the interweb if its a good idea makes me think your not 100% committed. Im sure its a fine product. Its the old story of getting something that will doa similar job for a fraction of the price. Like I said, if you like it, and can afford it, get it.
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  • Etxe-Ondo.
  • ajb72
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    You will not regret it for a single moment!

    I have owned mine for two years now and it is my most treasured item of cycle clothing.

    It is a perfect wind stopper and keeps all the filth and rain out (whilst being easy to keep clean). It is packed with good features too, such as the drop-tail to keep your 'arris dry in wet conditions and internal cable loops if you use an i-pod etc whilst riding. I have never needed more than a base layer underneath either, I just vary the sleeve length and thickness depending upon the temperature.

    Most important though when spending this amount of cash - it is a really robust jacket. I had the misfortune to come off twice last winter, once at speed. The jacket survived without a scratch, which is more than can be said for my overshoes and rear mech!
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    Gore Xenon SO Windstopper Jacket > Rapha Softshell and its close to £100 less if you shop around. ... er-jacket/

    The fit on the Gore is so much better than the Rapha, the Rapha jacket feels like a box i.e its cut more for commuters than road cyclists. I needed all of about 2 minutes to realise the Gore was better for me.

    Rapha top does have some advantages over the Gore, pocket configuration + the thumb loop thingys.
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    I have the Rapha and the Assos 851. Really like the Rapha but tend to wear it more as a casual jacket rather than for cycling. The Assos is my default cycle top in cold weather - just does the job much better for me. Wouldn't dream of wearing it casually though!