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Apologies if this has been asked before, I'm sure it has, but I've tried searching but can never find anything.

I have my £1000 voucher sitting ready to spend, it runs out in April but I've been this can be extended.
So, does anyone have any details of the 2011 bikes? Halford customer service said April but had no details.
I just need to know if I should just buy now or wait.




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    No idea what's happening with them, I got told by the boss of bikehut at the Halfords I used to work at that they'd be around in the "new year".

    Velonews and CyclingNews have done a spot on the team riders AiR bikes, but that's all i've seen, and if they're anything like the 2009/10 AiR TT, they'll be £2.5k frame/forks.
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    I can't see how they could be better spec in 2011 and be the same price, maybe you should take the plunge before the VAT goes up
  • mrwibble wrote:
    I can't see how they could be better spec in 2011 and be the same price, maybe you should take the plunge before the VAT goes up

    That is my concern. I just want to see if there is any info kicking about.
    I'd hate to buy one and then a new, better one comes out.
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    What bike you after?
  • mrwibble wrote:
    What bike you after?

    The 1000 pound carbon road bike.
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    New models are a fact of life. I agree with mrwibble, don't get stung with that extra vat. If the bike has the spec you want, then I can't see a problem. Rarely do bikes improve greatly at no extra cost, especially in this climate. 8) Haggle for a deal on a turbo.. your gonna need it! :D
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    The only thing we have seen for new bikes from CB is mountain bikes and the road Elite bikes. If they have new models out soon, these would have also filtered out to mags for press releases. If there is nothing in this month's road bike mags, it may be that the current TC and Pro C bikes will remain virtually unchanged.

    TBH there is no need to change anything about them.

    The thing that is unlikely to remain unchanged is the price.
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    Ihave just ordered my voucher which I get in January 2011. I recently went into my local Halfords to see if they had any pricing details and after checking on the computer was told the Team Carbon would be £1299 and Pro Carbon would be £1799. Buy now!
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    You should be able to order the 2010 bike now at the £999 price and collect it in Jan.

    The new prices don't surprise me. Everyone said they were being sold at cost to establish the brand and get bikes out there. That's been done so they will start to up the prices and make a profit now.
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    New range out in April.

    Below is the email I got from halfords cycle to work when I asked that question.
    reserve now at 2010 prices!



    Dear Tim,
    Thank you for your email.
    As yet we do not have a specification. If it helps with your choice the 2011 range is available in April.

    Kind Regards

    Customer Services
  • Thanks for the replies.
    I guess I have to make the decision within the next week or so.
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    Buy now.