Scott Speedster - upgrade suggestions please

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I have a Scott Speedster S30 2010. I am just about to begin a round of upgrades. First stop is replacing the own brand brakes. And I also want to change the wheels - currently Scott Comp hubs with Alex Race 28 aero profile rims.

Any suggestions?
I'm looking for better perfromance from the brakes and a weight advantage from the wheels. I'm cycling in French Alps next summer. Don't want to spend a fortune though.

thanks, D


  • Your wheels are fairly light, but the problem is mostly in the build. I'd probably just get them rebuilt with new spokes...

    As for brakes, buy ones to match your groupset.
  • canbakay
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    light tires michi pro 3/ultremo r.1
    then look at lighter wheels (if budget allows)
    but no question that you should leave brakes to the end - if anything, just change its pads not the actual kit.

    wheel wise.....mavic aksium or fulcrum 3s
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    The brakes may say Scott on them but they're probably Tektro or something.
    Replace the pads with Koolstop or Swissstop and they'll be fine.

    Mrs wrx has a 2008 Speedster Contessa with full 105 and it looks like the wheels you have are 20/24 spoke rather than the 32 spoke she has on Shimano 2200 hubs, so might well be that your wheels are already lighter, so I wouldn't necessarily be rushing-out to buy replacements - Aksiums or Fulcrum 7's probably not great step up, you'd be needing Ksyriums or Fulcrum 3's which are a chunk more expensive.

    Lighter/better tyres and tubes however give a great bang-for-buck improvement.
    I dunno what your tyres are like - Conti Ultra Race ?
    Mrs wrx's is running on Hutchinson Equinox, which I've used on a hire CR1 in Italy and not been impressed with in the wet, so if you had those I'd be suggesting replacement with Michelin ProRace3 or Conti GP4000S.