Kaspersky doesn't like the Scott Addict !

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Thought this was quite funny really, I wonder if Scott know.

Just updated Kaspersky internet security to 2011 version on some PC's and clicked on a Scott Addict page on a site.

Kaspersky blocked it and put up a red alert message that a 'heuristic analysis' had concluded the page was something to do with drugs. Doesn't really matter, as there was an 'allow' button, but it was a bit alarming ! Some folks will think they've reached an extremely nasty website and not go any further.

(So don't panic if you've got Kaspersky and get that message !)


  • You can add a Cannondale model to that now as they are apparently weapons:
    Cannondale Scalpel

    I suspect there will be more.
    Not sure what the Kona Stinky will be labelled as ;-)

    Haven't figured out how to turn whatever it is that's doing it off yet !
    Just a standard download - it could get very annoying.

    Am going to email them.
  • If I find a solution to this other than 'approving' every website you visit, I'll update the thread for those who have got Kaspersky.

    Meanwhile it appears that the Bianchi Methanol doesn't cause a problem, so I guess if the software isn't alarmed by that, then alcohol shouldn't cause any blocking, which is nice coming up to New Year.

    ( Moderators please feel free to move this - I couldn't really figure out which section was best )