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THEBOYDONALD - Mixed review.

HI all

Bought a set of wheels from THEBOYDONALD, great service all round, he even threw in a free stem for me, a nice suprise when I opened the box. Would not hesitate to recommend him as a seller.


  • I have to report a very different experience.

    I bought a set of Shimano XT cranks from theboyDonald which were described as “A1”, “as new” and off a bike that had "done 30 miles max”. What arrived was the grottiest set of abused cranks, with gouges, scrapes, scuffing and caked on grime.

    I suggest taking extreme caution with this seller and do not use Paypal Gift. Fortunately I did not use Paypal Gift and was able to get my money back through Paypal’s dispute resolution system after theboyDonald said he would contest my claim.
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