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Lejog - with a difference

r3 guyr3 guy Posts: 229
edited December 2010 in Tour & expedition
planning to do a South, West, East, North ride

Cant seem to find much if anything on the internet about it. the plan is to ride to all the extreme points of the UK, looks like it will be about 1500 miles.

I am surprised this is not more popular?

Now just need to find the most westerly and easterly mainland destinations.

Anyone else done this


  • The most westerly point is in Scotland near the Western-most end of the Great Glen so that would make a nice ride along the great Glen to/from the North. I'd imagine the Eastern-most point is near Folkestone but that's a guess.
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  • getprggetprg Posts: 245
    You could maybe start your planning by clicking here

    The most southerly settlement is Lizard and northerly is Scarfskerry. So Lejog becomes Liz's Scarf!

    Most easterly settlement is Lowestoft and westerly is Grigadale (Scotland) - can't make anything of that.

    Then with more than two points to visit there is the choice of route planning - shortest route between four points or the longest!

    You really could pose an interesting challenge.

    Perhaps to make it complete you need to add in the highest through road :( and lowest :D - anyone care to suggest where these might be?

    Good Luck
  • Tim FarrTim Farr Posts: 665
    I thought that the furthest South on the mainland was The Lizard, furthest East Lowestoft' West being Ardnamurcan lighthouse and North- Dunnet Head.
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  • lastantlastant Posts: 526
    Having done LEJOG this year, I'd recommend going the other way - getting back home from John O'Groats is ridiculously hard compared to what it would be from Lands End.

    You could do John O'Groats, run along the top taking in Dunnets Head along the way, back down the West Coast of Scotland all the way to Glasgow. From there maybe through Carlisle, Leeds, Lincoln, follow The Wash round to Kings Lynn, through Norwich and onto Lowestoft.

    Then it's National Cycle Network 1 (or 2) I think that runs from Norwich to London, so you could pick that up or run along the coast down Suffolk - all you have to do then is cross the country along the bottom, picking up Lizard along the way.

    Get to Lands End and relax. Easy! :)

    PS - Sounds amazing. Wish I was doing it...
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