Where to go?

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I'm based near Manchester and I am looking for some MTB routes / trials to try out but have no idea where to look...

Can anyone point me in the right direction? :?
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  • cooldad
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    The 'Routes' or 'Rides' sections?
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  • thel33ter
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    Lee Quarry is meant to have some fun bits for messing around on. As Cooldad said, there is probably a thread in the Rides section with a group based near Manchester.
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  • xterra
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    both llandegla and Gisburn Forest are within easy reach, and good fun...
  • xterra
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    both llandegla and Gisburn Forest are within easy reach, and good fun...
  • shm_uk
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    South-East of Manchester you've got the Peak District - loads of properly good trails from Hayfield over to Edale/Hope/Castleton/Ladybower... some examples:


    There's also some trails in and around Macclesfield forest.
    I'd also definitely recommend a trip to Lee/Cragg Quarries, plus Llandegla & Gisburn.

    As for which is more 'local' for you, it depends exactly where you're located, or how far you're prepared to drive.
  • nonnac85
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    Have a look at the maps on my website (in my sig below) to see what trail centres are near you.
    My Website - Trail Centre info for the UK: MTB Trail Time
  • Mr OCD
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    Cheers people :)

    I'm located North Manchester ... just outside Bolton 8)
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  • chedabob
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    There's Healey Nab & Rivington near Chorley. If you don't mind the drive, Cannock Chase isn't too far away.
  • Roman Lakes in Marple is a good starting point- have a look at the Mellor Maps and Around Hayfield on this website- www.bikemaps.co.uk. You can start in the Roman Lakes and extend to Hayfield or even further in the Peaks.

    I sometimes get the train from Piccadilly station to Marple Central or Rose Hill, only takes 20mins. Or, I'm based in South Manchester and it is fairly easy to ride through Reddish Vale along the canal to Marple if you fancy the exercise.

    PM me if you want more info or details.
  • I'm in Tyldesley so quite near you. There's also rivington and Darwin tower which are rideable.
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  • Get on the M61 and head north to the Lakes or the Yorkshire Dales for the best riding in the country.
  • cavegiant
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    recommended lee quary to a beginner, evil evil man.

    peak district and lake district have some of the best riding in the country.

    Gisburn and lee quary are fun, but probably way above your level, but they would give you an idea of what to aim for =-)

    llandegla is awesome and easier
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  • How is gisburn above his level?!

    Gisburn blue is fun and very very easy.... did it with my old man a while back.
  • cavegiant
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    the blue is not really Gisburn though is it.

    The red/black made me scream outloud more than once.

    That section through the trees near the start is stunning. Ride is slow you have a swoopy track through the trees, ride it hard you have one of the fastest changing DH courses I have ridden. The first scream was hurtling around a corner only to find my bars were wider than the gap between the trees and I could not stop in time, scary flick got me through, but almost wet my pants.

    red/black there is an amazing ride, one of my favorites.
    Why would I care about 150g of bike weight, I just ate 400g of cookies while reading this?
  • I found Gisburn red/black to be a bit boring after a few rides.

    blue is good fun for beginners, its basically the lower loop of the red without the tech stuff.
  • I needed a change of undies the first time i went to Gisburn! Really made me realise that i had alot to learn, as my riding consisted of a few loops of Billinge Wood at Blackburn and a few local rides. Although i'm looking forward to mastering Gisburn red this year :)