different kinesis racelight versions

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T, T2, Tk, Tk2? Can anyone tell me the main differences between existing and past racelight aluminium frames? I am looking for an Audax/commuting frame that will take mudgards with at least a 28mm tyre. I have already read the bikeradar review on the T2.



  • My understanding is that the "k" versions were an upgrade to the existing version. i.e the t became the tk etc. Not sure what changed.

    I purchased a TK2 and was told by Epic Cycles (thoroughly recommend) that as you went up the range, the ride became less harsh/more forgiving. I have nothing but praise for the TK2 and would recommend thoroughly as a good all-rounder.

    Have put mudguards on for the winter and currently on 23's but about to put 25's on. Don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to put a 28 tyre on subject to appropriate forks/brakes.


  • Thanks, that is useful.
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    when I got my bike in 2008 they did the Racelight T and the Tk. The Tk was the lighter and hence dearer one; that's what I went for.

    The following year all they changed was the paint job, but called them the T2 and Tk2 respectively.

    They also brought out the Gran Fondo which is even lighter (scandium + some carbon) but also dearer.
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    I've got an 08 TK with the carbon forks. Mine's a 63cm and fitted with SKS guards. I'm running Vittoria Rubino Pro Techs on a 25mm, but these are more like 28's to be honest and still have plenty of clearance.

    The TK2 does have a nicer finish so I'd go for that as the Gran Fondo won't take larger tyres with guards.

    Have fun :wink:
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    I have the Granfondo and love it to bits, mudguards are tight, but once set up are brill.

    This bike is just so comfortable and I ride it equal to my carbon bike, the finish is excellent and the workmanship superb.

    Just bought the Racelight T for my daughter as have bought two for mates as well, brilliant bikes, chalk and cheese against a Ribble Training frame.

    Check out my review here: -

    http://www.velonuts.co.uk/cgi-bin/yabb2 ... 1281536719
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    This year built up a Tk for me and a Tk2 for the wife, we both love them. The ride on mine is not too different from my Cannondale Six13 (now gone) and current Six Carbon. It has a real sense of get up and go from the rear triangle. DC07 winter forks make it a great ride.