Trek Lexa or BeOne Leontien bike ADVICE PLEASE !

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I'm about to buy my first road bike, please could anyone tell me what the weight of a womens Trek Lexa road bike is please? Also any advice on whether to buy the Trek Lexa 50cm bike or the Beone Leontien Team Replica bike which is advertised on chain reaction They are both around the same price mark however the Beone should be £850 and only weighs 8.8kg.
Am very new to road racing and any help would be appreciated. Thanks



  • MattC59
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    Not sure about the weight. A quick look on the Trek website doens't help.
    My advice would be to try the bikes. Find a dealer with the Trek and take it for a test ride. This may be a little more difficult with Chainreaction, but they may allow a trial (can anyone advise ?) Go for the one wih the best spec and that feels best to you.

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    Hi Claire,

    If you're new to Road Riding I'd suggest going to as many local shops as possible, getting a feel for which is the best (not necessarily cheapest!) and then when you've narrowed it down, try as many bikes from them as possible.

    You may well find you end up with something completely different but perfect!!