How to stop glasses misting up?

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I have a pair of Decathlon sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, and for the winter months have put the clear lenses in. In the recent cold snap, I've been having a real problem with them misting up. Even a modest effort, such as a short uphill, causes them to mist up, and then it's a pain to stop and wipe them. Any suggestions as to how to prevent this?


  • all glasses do them really, just some more than others. i believe that muk off do a little spray to put on your glasses thats ment to stop it il try and find a link
    here it is :D
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    Smear a tiny bit of washing-up liquid on the inside of the lenses.
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    There are few things you can try. You can buy the Muc-off stuff or some motor cycle helmet visor de-mister stuff. When I went paintballing the guys told us to smear and polish in some washing up liquid. Seemed to help a bit. I've also heard people rubbing in candle wax.[/list]
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    you could try visor water repellent, they use it on motorbike visors, or the stuff you put on windscreens to make the water run. I think some glasses come with this, my Oakley lenses had something likes this, but it is only a coating which wears off and need reapplication. I think it is basically silicone or telfon. You could also try something like pedros bike lust or similar, all it needs to be is a non smearing hydrophobic coating. This is all speculation as I have not been arsed to try as mine work okay expect for really slow climbs on very damp days.
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    candle wax does the trick
  • So does shaving foam
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    oli2001 wrote:
    candle wax does the trick


    Probably the simplest and cheapest method.
  • When I played ice hockey, I found washing up liquid stopped my visor steaming up. Apply a small amount to a clean cloth, smear it all over your lens,then use another clean dry cloth to wipe it off again. This always worked for me...
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  • Rather than washing up liquid, use Johnsons baby shampoo.
    If it gets in your eyes it doesn't sting. Works great for scuba diving masks.
    They do the handy little bottles too.
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    I usually find mine only mist up when I stop. Go faster, less misting :D

    Guess it depends how they ventilate though.
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    For diving we spit in the mask - don't know how well it works on glasses. I gave up on mine - couldn't see a word most of the time until I was moving quite fast, and then as that was generally downhill, potentially dead.
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    oli2001 wrote:
    candle wax does the trick
    Yes this worked Candle wax smeared on lens and then rub off. Both side inside n out helps rain run off too.

    I had tried
    washing up liquid
    slicing a potato :?
    Glasses halfway down my nose
    Spit - works for diving mask but not riding Glasses

    edit read down Cooldad same diving
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    I find not breathing works best for me.
  • Not wearing your Buff over your nose and mouth helps.
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    Buy some Adidas evil eye shades, they are mint, I've not had any steaming up issues.

    Flippin expensive tho.
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  • oli2001 wrote:
    candle wax does the trick
    +1, apply an buff, so you can still see clearly
  • psymon
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    draw on inside of lenses with a dry bar of soap then buff off.

    old motorbike method.
  • Try Bob Heath visor spray, I used it on my motorbike visor and it stopped steaming up but in place of that my glasses steamed up!
    I used the spray on my glasses as well and it worked a treat :D
  • I'm going to have to try some of these ideas and see what works. I always have problems with glasses steaming up, even when walking. Hopefully something will work.
  • Any of the methods above will work - they all use the same principle. Candle wax is probably the most weatherproof as the rest will more quickly succumb to wet weather - though it's harder to apply. I've used Fairy for motor racing visor but then I'm in a closed car so rain isn't an issue.
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    [edit, I thought I was on the commute forum]

    Answer 2, give up, get contacts :-)

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    My mate has this stuff called "Cat Crap" that he uses - not sure where it comes from but i ve tried it on my lenses and will let you know how it gets on on Wednesday night

    Basically it's a blue waxy substance, a quick google search reveals some pretty mediocre reviews tbh, but i ll see!
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    Rode motorbikes for years and spent five years as a motorbike courier and for me washing up liquid has never failed 8)
    Been using it on riding glasses since I can remember,I've applied it twice all year 8)
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    Nikwax Visorshield is far and away the best I've used, and I've tried everything else in this thread apart from cat crap- it's not cheap for a bottle but then mine is years old now and still going. It's effective and it lasts for a very long time, it's designed for use on the outside of motorbike visors getting pelted by rain at 70mph after all. It stops steaming up and also helps water run off from the outside (splashes and rain)
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    This (steaming) gets on my nerves as well. Will try some of the suggestions. Thanks for posting.
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    There is an anti fog product sold by Halfords, it's meant for the inside of cars, should only be afew quid
  • Pissing on them works :wink:
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    I don't know why people are spending a fortune on specific products... Washing up liquid all the way.
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    I tried washing up liquid and it didn't work for me. I was on a night ride at Cannock which turned out to be very, how can I put it, 'challenging' due to my glasses being constantly steamed up. I wasn't feeling 100% that night so was sweating more than usual but it was a nightmare.

    I've ordered some of the muc off stuff but haven't received it yet. Happy to let you know what I think once I've tried it. Spitting didn't work either (I also dive).

    I've not tried candle wax though.
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    I've never tried candle wax before, might give that a try too.
    I often take my glasses off on a hot climb if they start to fog. As soon as I get going again the wind clears them.
    There's some good anti-fog stuff in the ski market. Scott make some and I used to use 'Cat Crap' anti-fog cream but am not sure if you can get that over here.
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