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Ok so in the excitement of ordering my new Spicy 316 ive only just remembered that its a tubeless setup so do i need to get anything else or should i just take a spare tube with me when im out just in case?

I have read up on tubeless setups and converting to tubeless but still none the wiser. Do they work car style?
i.e fill the wheel with some tubeless solution and then fill with air to the desired PSI so that the wheel is filled with both or have i missed something


  • Your bike will come with inner tubes in. If you want to go tubeless you will need to buy some tubeless valves that are specific to your wheels and some sealant such as Stans.

    If you want to go tubeless there are loads of posts with tips how to do it. Make sure you have a track pump and some patience!
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    Are you sure about your bike being tubeless?

    The Spicy 316 is spec'd with standard rims/tyres while the 516 and 916 are spec'd with UST.

    If you have got a UST version they you should probably add some sealant and carry a spare tube (although I have never needed to use one). I run UST rubber queens and I have never had a puncture.
  • Thanks for that guys.
    Ive done so much reading that i didnt notice that its the 516+ that is UST :oops:

    Guess i dont need to worry about anything now apart from getting it delivered