caad 10 V's Super Six

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Put a thread on here a few weeks ago as to advice on buying a Cannondale Caad 10 (105) or Cannondale Six (105).

At the time consensus was to go for the Caad 10 but get the higher spec (Ultegra) with the money saved over the Six.

I ve now ridden a standard Six and loved it (Obviously its C+ bike of the year)

I ve still not even seen a Caad 10 (going to London show in Jan ) and asked several dealers to contact me when in stock. Nothing yet.

Now Cannondale have poured oil on the fire and this year (2011' s) Six is a supersix.

All I can suss is that the carbon weave is directional not just randomly moulded. is this the equivalent of Hydro forming Aluminium, what if any difference does it make

Or would I only feel the difference with a Hi- Mod ( cant affoard )

I will test both bikes (Hopefully) plan to do everything with this bike. which one to go for?

Any relevant suggestions/ experience appreciated. :?